Built-in Battery USB 3000mW Blue Laser Pointer Gatling

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Size:40mm x 145mm


Laser Pointers Specifications

Min Power 3000mW
Class 4
Color Blue
Wavelength 450nm
Size 40mm x 145mm
Weight 200g
Material Aviation Aluminum
Finish Rubber Paint
Beam Shape 2mm X 5mm
Switch Push Button Constant On / Off
Modes Continuous Wave
Focus Adjustable
Beam Distance 8,000m – 10,000m
Working Voltage 3.7V
Working Current @1A~2A
Power Supply Built-in Rechargeable Batteries
Battery Lifetime 30 – 120mins
Storage Temperature 14°F ~ 104°F
Expected Lifetime >5,000 hours
Warranty 1 Year

USB Laser Features :

  • Produce a blue laser beam that is clear, bright and full of energy
  • Be used to light matches or cigarettes, burn paper (only available on high power models), repel birds and much more
  • Adjustable focus to suit all kinds of needs
  • Low – voltage quick start, no need for warm up
  • Aero grade aluminum alloy shell, tough and durable
  • Built – in rechargeable batteries, support USB charging
  • Offer a USB output to charge cellphone in emergency situation
  • 3000mw lasers compact and light, easy to carry
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Packing List :

* 1X 3000mW Blue USB Laser Pointer
* 5X Laser Head Caps
* 1X USB Cable
* 1X Battery Charger
* 1X Safety Goggles
* 1X Manuals

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