“Flash” 100mW Green Laser Pointer

Astronomy Lasers

The “Flash” 100mW Green Laser System is a cutting-edge device that delivers exceptional performance and safety. This high-powered laser pointer emits a precise 532nm green beam, ensuring unmatched visibility and accuracy. Backed by a comprehensive one-year warranty and featuring a focusable beam, the “Flash” is a must-have tool for professionals, hobbyists, and anyone seeking a reliable laser solution.

Enhanced Features for Safety and Versatility
The “Flash” laser pointer prioritizes safety with its integrated keyswitch that prevents unauthorized use. Its durable aircraft-grade aluminum body ensures longevity and optimal performance. Moreover, the adjustable focus allows users to pinpoint their target with precision or widen the beam for broader illumination. Additionally, the “Flash” comes equipped with a tech lanyard, battery, charger, and a reassuring one-year warranty.

Technical Specifications and Applications
The “Flash” 100mW Green Laser Pointer boasts impressive technical specifications. Its compact size of 148mm x 22 mm and weight of 105g make it portable and easy to handle. The 2000M+ beam range and 1.5mRad beam divergence provide exceptional precision and visibility. Powered by a Lithium 18650 battery with a 120-minute battery lifetime, the “Flash” ensures long-lasting performance. With its adjustable focus, the laser pointer can be tailored to various applications, from stargazing and presentations to astronomical observations.

If you’re searching for Green Laser Pointers or high power green laser pointers, the “Flash” 100mW Green Laser Pointer is an exceptional choice. Order yours today at laserpointer24.com and experience the power and reliability of this remarkable tool.

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