The ODIN: The World’s Most Powerful Handheld Blue Laser

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The ODIN: The World’s Most Powerful Handheld Blue Laser

Introducing the ODIN, a revolutionary that unleashes unparalleled power and versatility. With an incredible output ranging from 1.2W (1,200mW) to 5W (5,000mW), the ODIN is the most potent handheld blue laser available today.

Its key-switched and focus-adjustable design ensures ultimate safety and precision. Choose from high power, medium, lower power, and pulse modes to adapt to various applications. The ODIN also boasts a 450nm wavelength, stainless steel laser body, and a beam divergence of 2.0mRad. Its adjustable beam diameter of 2.0mm allows for precise illumination.

Housed in a sleek metal carrying case, the ODIN comes complete with safety goggles, two lithium 26650 batteries, a charger, and a one-year warranty. Its extended battery life of 120 minutes and an expected lifetime of 8,000 hours make it an exceptional value.

Whether you’re a laser enthusiast, a scientist, or simply seeking a powerful tool, the ODIN is the ultimate choice. Order now at and experience the transformative power of the world’s strongest handheld blue laser.

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