Introducing the Covert Green Laser Pointer: A Compact and Powerful Tool

Astronomy Lasers

The Covert Green Laser Pointer, available in 50mW and 100mW outputs, seamlessly combines portability with exceptional functionality. Its compact design, powered by a high-quality diode structure, ensures superior beam stability, making it a top choice among compact, portable .

With its robust construction and impressive specifications, the Covert Green Laser Pointer boasts a beam range exceeding 2000 meters, a beam divergence of 1.5mRad, and a beam diameter of 2.0mm. The black polished metal laser body exudes both style and durability. This versatile tool operates on a Lithium 16340 power supply, providing approximately 120 minutes of battery life.

For added safety, the Covert Green Laser Pointer incorporates a 100-second on, 30-second off duty cycle to prevent overheating. It also comes with a push-button constant on/off switch for convenient operation. The product includes a battery and charger, ensuring hassle-free use. Backed by a one-year warranty, this exceptional laser pointer offers peace of mind and exceptional value.

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